Q&A: Can I grow kitchen herbs in a bottle?

Question by User: Can I grow kitchen herbs in a bottle?
Especially mint plant? I’ve seen a couple of people grow plants in sealed bottles that are only watered once or twice, after which they form their own ecosystem and keep growing. But can you do that with kitchen herbs? Will they be safe for consuming after that?

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Answer by Dave
Do you have a sunny window? Yes, you can grow herbs inside. Here is a step by step video included.

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  1. Yes you can grow herbs in a bottle. Choose decorative bottles in which you want to grow min. Since mint is long-lasting, the container should be a part of an attractive display. Use mint cuttings to grow. Take cuttings 3 to 6 inches long from a vigorously growing mint plant.

    Place cuttings in containers filled with room temperature water. Water may include a weak solution of houseplant liquid or rooting hormone if it is available. If not, cuttings will root in plain water, often in just a few days. Change the water in the container occasionally as it changes colors.

    Place a decorative bottle filled with mint cuttings in a warm indoor location away from direct sunlight. To retain humidity, you may cover bottle and cuttings with a plastic bag that does not touch the leaves, but the mint will grow roots without additional humidity.