Q&A: Can fresh basil leaves be frozen for storage?

Question by [email protected]: Can fresh basil leaves be frozen for storage?
I hate to throw out the remaining basil growing outdoors now that the growing season is almost over.

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Answer by PlatanoChick
YES!!!! Then you can use them later!

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  1. I put them in a food processor with a little olive oil and some garlic cloves, process into pesto, and then freeze small amounts in small-sized freezer bags. Works great, and adding pesto to winter pastas is fabulous.

  2. Yes!!
    Take all the leaves from the plant. Ensure they are dry. Store them in airtight containers in the freezer and simply take the lid off and take out individual leaves. Do not let the seal be broken on the container.

  3. Yes,it is delicious to have fresh herbs in Winter cooking too. Heres what I do, I take some of the leaves whole and some chopped, I get an old ice cube tray and place the herb leaves in, then I put a small layer of water, not enough to fill the cube. Then I put the tray in the freezer and voila’…..if I need some I just tip out the chosen frozen cube and pop it straight into the dish I am making…It truly tastes great!