Outdoor Grow June 16 – July 19 2012. – grows 7″ to 3.5ft Part 1

Guerrilla Grow 6 plants 3 holes Before planting outdoors I mixed: ProMix, Steer Manure, Mushroom compost, Gaia Green Worm Castings, Perlite, Vermiculite, Pyr…

Pollinating herbs can be grown both indoors and outdoors depending on your current setup and conditions. Learn how to pollinate herbs with help from a regist…
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  1. Yea its not necessary to throw in loads of different nutrients.
    I think was is really important, in the beginning, is to have a good base soil… promix, worm castings, extra perlite, manure. I would grow your plant indoor until its at least 7-10″ high. Miracle grow will work, I personally don’t like they’re company in general. are you planning to use vegetative and blooming?

  2. I’m extremely new to growing. I want to try and outdoor grow here and virginia. I plan on ordering some seeds from a seed bank online and I decided to start reading, watching videos, and just learnin more about growing. I notice that you use loads of different things while you grow. I was just going to take some miracle grow potting mix, dig a hole, fill it with the miracle grow, and put my germinated seeds in it. Will this work? Great video by the way. Subscribed and liked.

  3. there are 4 plants which started from fem seeds..
    I was thinking the exact same thing last week.. damn i should have topped them. They hve already been topped once, but thats not enough. Im preying the bush smurfs will protect my plants from berry pickers, its a gamble.

  4. Man, if you don’t top those suckers they’ll be 8 feet tall in no time. With 8 foot plants and big smelly buds coming, a 7 minute walk may be too short. Also, are they females? They look healthy. Good luck with your stealth.
    Check out my strange plants. I uploaded a video today.

  5. For ease of watering, plus at the time i didn’t have enough soil mix for 6 holes.
    The downside of 2 in one hole is smaller plants at harvest. But I think if all goes well i should get a good harvest.