Outdoor Flower Initiator 4th Report

More useful information and video links below. The flowers are being harvested! Buy the Flower Initiator, only at https://www.grow-light-source.com Music: Wor…
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From the mediaBook Grow: Seed Starting Outdoors, available soon in the iBookstore. For more info: https://www.helixriver.com. This is the third video in the s…


  1. This little lamp could bring them in a month or two early. that should help.

    A little greenhouse, some supplemental lighting, Inda-Gro, and the Flower Initiator to get the best results in the UK and other northern climates.

    Check out the system in this video” Aquaponics, Greenhouse Gardening Report, Inda-Gro Daylight Harvester, 2nd Report, you will see how you could get a lot more with very little added energy.

    But a small greenhouse built right up against a structure can do very well.