Oklahoma edible plant ,Basic wilderness survival.

Foraging for food, Survivalist Living , Plants Herbs wild foods , edible and some great plants in the wild, That make excellent food sources, designed to hel…

Dressing up your deck or patio is easy by adding some flowers and foliage. Make your patio or deck beautiful with these simple tips. Begin by planting multip…


  1. sorry i left a comment for this video on another video,oops(silly me lol)…what i was saying is im learning all about plants at mo,so your knowledge is genuinly helpfull,i love your channel you have some of the best valuable knowledge of the old ways that ive come across so far,thanks for sharing this,take care tim.

  2. green leaves & purple berries? If this is the plant I think it is, then I’ve eaten it before. I cook it just like I do collards & similar greens. I’ve never preboiled it, & I’ve never gotten sick from eating it. Very tasty leaves, actually 1 of my favorites!

  3. Awesome, awesome, awesome. You must have lived a very interesting life to have been taught such skills first hand. You should seriously write a book. By the way, what’s the song in this clip?

  4. Answer for the fella that asked about acorns. Depends on the species of oak they come from. Some are sweet and some are very bitter. The bitter ones have a lot of tannic acid in the meat of the acorn and those you leach treat to get rid of the tannin. Not like poke. Where you boil it in 3 waters for 15 minutes total. You put the crushed acorn in a porous container. And let water flow through slowly and when the water runs clear it is ready to make dough or dry for later. Sack in a creek works.

  5. pine nuts taste,awesome and are a delicacy.also they are extremly expensive.most people only have them in pesto but either way not a novelty.pine nuts are for sale in any store usa.peace

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  9. Those tips and flowers are really nice and good but what about different gardening zones, different climates, shade or sunny spots? What might look nice and bloom for the one might not for the other.