Natural bug repellent for outdoor herb garden?

Question by Rob: Natural bug repellent for outdoor herb garden?
The herbs are outdoors. I’m in southern Texas, and some buggy critters have been nibbling at the leaves. Other than a chemical avenue, what are some natural ways to repel bugs from these plants?
There’s basil, oregano, lemon balm, rosemary, etc..


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Answer by ellarosa
i’m a big fan of diatomacous earth. there’s also the dish detergent and water remedy that many here recommend, tho i’ve never tried it. some claim neem oil (derived from the neem tree) works on critters, but i can only attest to its efficacy on powdery mildew. oh, and boric acid works–i’ve used it. like diatomacous earth, you can either sprinkle it around in powder form or spray it on mixed with water.

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  1. Ash water- sounds crazy but it worked for me. You make a fire and let it burn the wood completely, when it’s done, put the ashes in a large barrel or bucket and add water to it. Let it sit, stirring occasionally for 24 hours. You can strain it and put it in spray bottles to spray, or carefully dump it on and around your plants. It keeps those pesky critters away.

  2. Pour about a tablespoon of dish soap in a spray bottle full of water, spray it on the leaves heavily, it don’t hurt the plants, but don’t do it in the sun, when its starting to go down so as not to burn the leaves. Good Luck.