Maximum Yield Indoor Gardening Expo 2012 – Best Products to Grow More, Yield More

John from goes on a field trip to the Maximum Yield Indoor Gardening Expo 2012 in San Francisco. In this episode, John will spotlight his favorite booths at this expo that offer unique products that allow you to grow more and yield more when growing your own fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs. After watching this episode you will be aware of some of the latest products that will: lower water consumption, combat insects naturally and allow you to better grow in the winter.
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  1. It is a shame you didn’t come to the Hydrotek booth. Anybody interested in a dual channel EC/PH/temperature with six part nutrient dosing and network connectivity? Check us out, ETHERDOSE DUO. Check your reservoir’s EC, PH and temperature online using your smart phone or tablet and dose accordingly using your phone!

  2. John Kohler, what the frack is this LEMNA TEC at AGRIBIOS GENOMIC SOLUTIONS ad running in front of your upload? Are you monetized by a GMO company? Please tell me how wrong I am. Pardon me for freaking out at the 2 minute 24 second ad. FREAKY!!!

  3. Calcium in what form?… if it’s in a slower release form, one month may not be long enough to see results. But I’ll assume that it was immediately available calcium. If your soil has plenty of calcium, and you’re STILL getting blossom end rot, then typically you have a soil PH problem; if PH is outside a particular plants acceptable range, then nutrient uptake is inhibited (if it’s way off, the plant dies). Do a soil PH test, and adjust accordingly… tomatoes prefer a range of 6.0 to 7.0.

  4. Blossom End Rot. Ugly stuff. The ends of the tomato where the flower / blossom was attached is a dark grey watery mush and the rest of the fruit is normal. Regular consistent watering helps to prevent this.

  5. When I saw the Awesome Pots in the window, I thought of the clothesline I have outside with recycled cable tv wires for lines. That would hold a lot of Pots. Thanks for going to the show and taking us along.

  6. Make sure you are watering consistently. BER is quite often the result of improper watering techniques. It is important that you don’t water and then let the plants completely dry out and then over water to compensate, plants need a consistent supply of water.

  7. John, great videos. Hey I’ve seen you grow inca berries, me too! They’re my favorite. Currently 3 of my 5 plants have been getting attacked by a bug that eats the leaves and sucks on the stems. Worse the fruit appear to be ripening but once I open them, there is no fruit just a bunch of big excrement. Don’t know what to do, I’ve manually removed the armies of bugs that attack the leaves and stems but don’t know how to save my fruits. Help!!!!