Male Sexual Potency — A Chinese Herbal Prescription (7)

MALE SEXUAL POTENCY – – A Chinese herbal prescription. Declining potency for males are usually due to aging, sudden or continuous weakening of health, or too…
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Dr. Maryam Mahanian takes us on a trip through a traditional chinese medicine store and explains some of the most commonly used medicinal herbs. Check out al…


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  3. The 4 treasures is just a convenient simple formula for blood nourishment. People can remember them easily. It’s not something sacred. You can break it up, use it partially, use it as a platform to add other herbs, and any other way you like. It’s the result that counts, not which component you miss.

  4. In each prescription, I select about 12 herbs from over 1000 available in the dictionary. Do you see the rich combinations I can have? I can turn around and give you 50 different prescriptions that achieve the same result. My herbs change in each prescription. However, my reasoning should not if I want to deliver the same result. If you rely on your memory, it does not get you anywhere. Use your reasoning!

  5. Why should I? You are still far from getting the concept. Don’t treat Chinese medicine as a science. Consider herbalists as chefs who put together different herbs for cure.
    Each herbalist has his own style. The only test is can he deliver the results. You learn an herbal prescription by studying how an herbalist uses his reason to arrive at the formula, not remembering which herbs he uses.
    How do you learn to be a good chef?

  6. The simplest and strongest sexual herbal mixture that i can very easily make at my house is a mixture of 4 ingredients.
    1. Maca root(Lepidium meyenii)
    2. goji (Lycium barbarum 寧夏枸杞)
    3. chia seed (Salvia hispanica)
    4. Eurycoma longifolia Jack (aka, longjack or Tongkat Ali or Pasak Bumi)

  7. John Fung, have you started adding South American herbs into your herbal prescriptions? I would see this herbal prescription tripled in intensity and strength with the addition of maca root(Lepidium meyenii).

  8. I see so many people asking a formula to treat their ailments on this video.

    What many people don’t understand that it requires a complete diagnosis before treating any condition. There are many factors that comes into play when diagnosing a condition. It is best that you see a licensed practitioner in Traditional Chinese Medicine before getting a herbal prescription.

    Unfortunately I do not recommend the people in the herbal shop for a diagnosis.

  9. Though the herbs are Chinese, the presenter does not explain how the Tradional Chinese Medicine utilizes them. TCM is based on an entirely different theory of the functioning of the body. One that does not recognize such things as cells, or an immune system. None the less, studies have found (message me for details) that the herbs are more effective when prescribed using the Yin Yang theory than a Western biomedicine perspective.

  10. i will be opening a chinese herbal shop on the Gold Coast in 2010 chinese people as well as the general public will be able to have the right mixtures for there heath problems we will supply all those who want these ancient medicines regardless of what state you are in at wholesale prices, your video is very helpful to those who no nothing about such
    thank you