Making Aromatherapy Products : Using Essential Oil in Aromatherapy

When combining essential oil into aromatherapy, it’s important to remember the top, base, and middle notes. Learn more about mixing essential oils for aromat…


  1. My sister ordered me about 6 essential oils on ebay from India! I’m so excited i love cedarwood! Excited to try the rest! I have Lavendar, Rosemery, Rose Absolute Tea Tree (this one is not essential oil its just the oil) but thats all i got for now.

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  3. Further studies [Essential Oils] If you want to vastly improve/enhance any essential oils, I suggest that buying a Meru (copper) Pyramid – place your oils on the life-symbol (Shri Yantra).

    Meru Pyramid is the perfet high energy tool for the home/office. It combines two ancient energy devices. Used for 1,000s of years to raise vibrations and consciousness to the highest levels.


  4. As you said “you dont want 18 to 20 drops ,tell the world great your learning ,when you listen to your guide you can have as much as they inform you of, if you you have proven to trust who your listening to .The absortion rate on people is different and depends on where you put it on the body ,some areas are more sensitive to others and its dependent upon the oils concerntration

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  7. Oh my gosh, I recognize those brands of essential oils! I have the Jasmine and the Lime that look like the Lavender Oil bottle and I used to have Cassia that look like the Eucalyptus Oil bottle you have. That Jasmine is going a long way too!