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APRIL FOOLS: Madam Shannon's Empire
The fate of the Republic of the united States (RuSA), a rag-tag rebel alliance of sovereign citizens, tax protestors and outlaws, hangs in the balance as the United States of America (USA) won the conviction of the movement's charismatic president this …
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Alexander Mandon Buried Alive As 'Cure' After Being Struck By Lightning 4
So, residents of Mandón's native town Sampués, a community more than 300 miles north of Bogotá, tried again. In a video of the burial, several people work to cover Mandón in dirt. Ultimately, the group entombs Mandón's entire body, except for his head.
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Homebound. For many, a nice house in the suburbs represents the American dream, but for others, like Stephan Hillerbrand and Mary Magsamen, the husband-and-wife Houston artists, it has become a sort of American gothic. “It's like that Talking Heads …
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