Is there GENOCIDE in any other part of the world today?

Question by simplify: Is there GENOCIDE in any other part of the world today?
I understand that the LARGEST genocide emergency is happening in Darfur.
But, how about other places in the world? Other countries?
What other places in the world in GENOCIDE occuring in TODAY?
Details please?

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Answer by Shame-on

The US and Israel backed Ethiopia to bomb Somolia only becuase it is dominantly muslims and they wanted to control that region, so while Ethiopians attack on the ground the US/Israeli aircrafts drop bombs on civilians from the sky, killing half a million or more so far in the last 4 years.

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  1. Sure.
    Why not?
    Look in the real world.
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    With living examples in front of the TV News reels and in news prints on people, places and events.
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    Luke 21.30-33
    Luke 6.39-40,41-45,46-49
    Luke 9.25,55-56,60
    Luke 22.3-6
    Luke 4.4-7
    John 8.44
    Luke 16.13
    Matt 23.27
    Luke 8.5-8,10-17
    Matt 22.17-21,32
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  2. There is global genocide on Muslim peoples wherever they are. The Uyghur Muslims living in west China are being genocided.So also are the Tibetans.
    The Afghani people are being genocided and also the Iraqis. The Congo .
    Just because the killing happened in a slow and geopolitically complex way does not mean it was not a planned genocide. I beleive the US and Brittain are trying to genocide all the Muslims by whatever means they can contrive.
    Warfare > Infant Mortality Maternal mortality approach 50%
    Displacement >slow death from cold exposure hunger disease dirty water. About 6-8 countries right now
    Installs dictators > Bashir in the Sudan put into power by US with a plan to get the metals and petroleum in Darfur. key word de-population.
    60% of the worlds oil is under Muslim feet. They cannot run the petroleum based civilisation without it! They do not want to share it with the people liveing in those countries. Who can forget Colin Powell flying over the tsunami disaster to check the welfare of his oil wells! Mr death squad himself!
    Saddam was put into power in Iraq by the Bush Reagan Admin. Saddam was given 80 Billion + in weapons. They Instigated 2 wars using him to kill 3 million Muslims. The first people he killed were the Muslims with a primary goal to murder as many Iranians as possible. So far about 4 million. Closer to 5 or 6 million dead.
    Not counting the 75 thousand year half life of radioactive depleted Uranium. THAT’S A GENOCIDE!!!!
    Complex systems of imprisonment, torture and dissappearance throughout the Muslim world. Totally financed by the US and UK >GLOBAL Police state
    Helps other states genocide Muslims > Russia genocide of the chechen and Daghestani Muslims . Their 3rd or 4th try at it.
    Interfere with medical care and thereby cause disease and death high infant mortality : Iraq , Afghanistan, Africa
    Spread of HIV through the promotion drug addiction,enslavement, prostitution and traffic in women> Vietnam Laos Cambodia, phillipines, Nigeria,Egypt,Turkey, Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan.Any place the US military goes porn and prostitution follow.

    To name but a few of the genocidal schemes promoted on Muslims by the USA. With them genocide is a science . They make it look accidental and create official sounding pretexts with elaborate media hoaxes. We learn just one thing from them and it is this: Their foreign policy is Satanic.
    There have been close to 60 genocides in the past 100 years. The US has never attampted to stop even one of them. They frequently were involved in createing them . Pol Pot and the CIA for instance. Many others . Henry Kissenger and the mass starvation in Bangladesh in 1971. Kissenger and old man Bush beleive in a form of population control, something like nazi eugenics only much dirtier.