Is it okay to buy any kind of herb seeds to plant?

Question by Clara: Is it okay to buy any kind of herb seeds to plant?
I want to start a little indoor herb “garden”. I notice that at places like gardening stores, the seed packets of herbs are really cheap. Can I trust those seeds will work? Should I get one of those “starter kits” or just buy everything separately? What size pots should I get?

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Answer by blues breaker
the nice thing about the kits is they are first, cheaper. they have 3-5 pots, all the right size, some with peat pellets that you just water and they expand. no need to buy soil. and many have some sort of a plastic top that acts as a greenhouse for the seeds, promoting growth. the only down side is that THEY pick the types of herbs you’ll grow. if you like the idea of everything all in one, buy a kit. if you don’t like their assortment of herbs, you can always buy a pk or two of seeds to replace theirs.

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  1. You can use any container in your house to plant seeds. Just poke drainage holes in the bottom. The seed packs of herbs are fine. Get those and a cheap bag of potting soil (usually $ 1.80 or so for 40 lbs.) and you will be good to go. The starter kits are unnecessary.