Is it alright to use a blacklight to light indoor herb garden?

Question by Eric D: Is it alright to use a blacklight to light indoor herb garden?
I’m just setting up my indoor herb garden due to frost outdoors but I do not know if it’s good to use the blacklight being ultra violet light and ultra violet can burn. I know I will receive better results with a full spectrum bulb but I don’t have one yet and It’s looking to be an internet order because I cannot find one in the surrounding stores.

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Answer by Tokyo
No they will not grow with a black light. Plants use red and blue light and reflect green which is why they appear green to us. A black light contains little red and blue light. Bad idea it will stunt growth. Try a natural sunlight lamp. Careful it will bleach paint and carpet. Just like sunlight. Check surrounding nurseries and your Sam’s club, if you have one. I got one at Sam’s for my plants for twenty dollars I believe. also check eBay. I am raising butterflies and plants indoors over winter, so if you would like to bounce ideas please let me know. You can IM me at [email protected]
Please follow this link. This is the lamp I purchased.

If you do not personally hold a memebership, maybe a friend does and you can pay them back. Seems to be a good lamp and good luck with the herbs.

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