Indoor Soil and Plant Feeding

Growing indoors can be easier and more productive if we toss out all the complicated facts. If we focus on common sense gardening, we can grow insanely healthy productive vegetables, flowers and herbs indoors all year. EZ soil for indoors EZ plant feeding EZ transplanting Lastly, don’t give up. With just a little common sense and lots of nonsense you can be up to your nose in plants! :)


  1. Leaf miners cause the burrowing. The flies you describe sound like fungus gnats. Two totally different insects. Fungus gnats should be dealt with via yellow sticky traps and a neem soil drench. Miners are not too much of an issue. Pick off leaves as soon as you see the trails and toss in a fire or far away.

  2. Can someone help me with a bug problem, there are these little flies that live in the soil and breed in it. They are really annoying and I don’t know how to get rid of them. There are also these white little worms which I believe are the flies but haven’t turned into flies yet. I don’t know if their killing my pepper plant but the leaves are developing these white vines that looks like a worm was inside the plant moving around.

  3. Thanks for the tip that the coir works just as well as incorporating the worm castings. Question though…my research has shown that coir can act as an acidifier.  Have you found that to be true? I know your vid talks about peat being acidic.

  4. Actually, it may not be more. I know my local nursery is actually cheaper than Lowes and Home Depot. Same with their potting soil brand. (Granted, that doesn’t help Ray in Minnesota since I’m in WA state.)

  5. I spat my coffee on the bagged compost comment. So true! Also recently bought a product from Ace Hardware called “humus an manure” (which was a store brand but secret small print revealed it’s made by Scotts) and it had clods of sand and clay as well as entirely formed weeds inside it. No bullshit. I called Scotts and they sent me a coupon for $1 off my next bag of dead-suck-clod-weed-rocks.

  6. Heres a tip for everyone. If you live in a decent size town that collects yard waste, check with your waste department. Most towns sell compost to their citizens cheap. In my city, you can get a truck bed full of the most beautiful compost for $20. Its more compost than 20 compost tumblers and all for $20.

  7. I really on’t tink rocks would do any good for indoor plants. Sand would keep insects from getting to the soil. This can slow down fungus gnats. As far as rocks….I just don’t think it would do anything.

  8. sry should have gave you more information. they’re indoor plants under cfl blubs. i was thinking it would keep more water in the soil and give the bad bugs less breeding ground. would any of this additional info change your feedback?

  9. I love Moisture control Miracle Grow but generally it’s too expensive so I use generic. I would love to have a supply of work castings but the shipping was prohibitive so now I use coir, potting mix and vermiculite. Works insanely well.

  10. One day I found a few rocks in my 25Kg compost bag. Other problems.. the compost was too light and wouldn’t absorb water (so a mix with virgin soil was necessary). I bought a smaller compost bag from a different manufacturer, now this one had a tendency to develop larvae or (seed eating) worms! So out of 5 planted seeds, 3-4 would get eaten by tiny-tiny white worms.