Indoor Small Space Herb Garden – Question on Chives?

Indoor Small Space Herb Garden - Question on Chives?

In early September Randy is inspired by another YouTuber to grow something in a small space. An indoor herb garden to sustain through the winter!!! Thanks to…
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  1. Love the video. I have the perfect solution for small spaces. I made a small sexy aquaponics system for my condo and then started selling them. Check it out. porch ponics dot com Please let me know what you think. If you are willing to try one and vlog it, i’ll give you a discount on one of the systems.

  2. I love this vid. I too have a very small space. I am always looking for better ideas to get some herbs growing. As I said, I have limited space but also limited sunlight especially in the winter months….. Your video was inspiring to say the least. I usually just grow on my small deck during the late spring and summer. I am now going to experiment with an indoor garden. Glad you saw the humour in my “Herbs” crack… Cheers and thanks!. Ratmq aka “Another Randy”

  3. Great video! I’m glad you found us inspiring, even if you couldn’t quite remember our name ;)

    We have the exact same cage for our chinchilla and that’s a very clever way to recycle it into a container garden. Also I approved your video response. Keep us updated!

  4. Alliums (chives, onions, etc) have notoriously bad germination from stale seeds. They do best when planted in early fall just after collecting them off the plant. My chives spend the winter outside in a planter on a metal mesh table, so they are very hardy! (this year I have a few more planters each of chives and onions : )

  5. Nice reconstitution of that would b landfill…r U losin weight or Amanda’s not feeding…chives r perennial… u could start them ouside & bring them in every year but I find they grow/taste way better “wild”.(outside in the dirt)