Indoor Kitchen Herb Container Garden and Seedlings Growing under LED Energy Saving Lights

John from takes a field trip to Las Vegas to visit Jason’s House. Jason is growing in containers in his kitchen using fluorescent lighting and using Energy Saving LED Panel lights upstairs where he is starting seeds and growing seedlings.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Subscribe to my channel for weekly updates! Including indoor growing tutorials and techniques… Visit: for more information!! These are some crazy fat buds… absolutely the fattest dankest colas I have ever laid eyes on!!! It is just about time to put them in the dark and shut down the water for the last 5 days or so… I’ll flush them with water once just to get some of the nutrients out and then cut them off of liquids all together… This is supposed to make them ooze out the last bits of resin they can in order to stay moist and survive the drought… =) Growing Marijuana Indoors – Closet Grow Operation – Growing Closets growing weed ganja marijuana herb cannabis grow op box room hydroponics aero soil ph harvest joint bong pipe smoke bubble hps mh cfl led how to haze kush skunk white widow super lemon haze train wreck hash kief home made budget canna best nutrients lighting big buds nugs colas 420 learn tutorial techniques closet

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  1. After seeing your video I was determined to try the set up. I got lucky and happened to find a seed starter kit by Burpee that has the capillary mat! It’s a small kit(16 wells), for a beginner like me. After just four days there are sprouts! I’m glad I found it because I wanted to try out the capillary mat set up, but didn’t want to spend a lot of money.

  2. The PVC idea ended up working great, but it ended up keeping the soil a little too moist and i had a few plants that were damping off. I think in the future if I did it again, i’d find a way to give the pipe bottoms a little less contact with the capillary mat. I bought the capillary mat at LeeValley(dotcom). Its called the Root barrier capillary mat.

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  4. Hey bud great job I have a question for you I’m looking into growin with aerogarden till I pass germ processes and till they start growin a bit then switch to soil do u recommend that or is that a bad idea?

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  6. way way way too much co2 100% use co2 only in the 1st 3 weeks 12/12 and get nuch better product/medicine. But none the less great job :) co2 through veg (believe it or not) amd 3 weeks through veg and u will be outstanded with quality and yield :)

  7. @bmirish33 You can make a pretty cheap CFL grow light for about 50-80$ depending on the areacountry you live in, the better the CFL light bulb you have the better the grow I use 4. 200watt equivalent bulbs they are about20$ a bulb but well worth the investment

  8. Ever try “Hempy style grow? A passive hydro system with no “moving parts”, or PH issues, and can be re used. Anyways, I can’t stand GH seed co, however, I have seen a few good SLH out thier. I swore I’d never grow out GH seeds again, but I’ll pop the SLH, and HOPE I get the older, better phenos. IMO seed co’s that only sell fem seeds got ya by the balls. They will at first release some of the better genetics, then start putting out crap. Unethical, but good marketing. Great grow, PEACE