Importing Chinese herbal medicine into the US?

Question by Vi: Importing Chinese herbal medicine into the US?
I’m looking to import Chinese Herbal Remedies into the US. These are in the form of pills and creams. Can anyone give me more information about how does the FDA and USDA feel about non-endangered animal parts added into these medicines?
These animal parts may include snake infused wines, bugs, such as powdered scorpion or caterpillar.

Also does anyone know any good sources of information (other than the FDA website) were I could get a walkthrough on the process required for importing these pills. As in what restrictions and regulations I face.

Thank you so much in advance.

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Answer by Gary Y
I don’t know why you want to import such useless and potentially dangerous garbage, but this site may help answer your question:

Sorry but I have issues with Chinese medicine and the use of animals – endangered or not. Asiatic Black Bears are not endangered, but many are kept in horrendous conditions and milked for their bile which is used in TCM and is mostly useless in terms of human health and totally unnecessary:

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  1. There are 1,200 links in the website – are you crazy? a walk through process. Geesh.

    Please keep that cheap Chinese garbage over there – we have enough scam crap that doesn’t work.

    If you want to exploit people selling them overpriced wine steeped bugs dried bugs, exploit the Chinese – there are all kinds of them.

    Chinese don’t have a good reputation here – they sell us poisoned infant formula, poisoned milk powder, poisoned pet food, poisoned dog biscuits, poisoned toys, etc, etc. They can keep their bug powder pills.

    Actually, you would have to deal with two entirely different agencies, but I’m offended that you would even think of selling this crap to my people – so you can go do more homework.

  2. I buy TCM herbal medications from my naturopath, so I know they do come into this nation. I don’t know if a private citizen is legally allowed to import them though. But many people do take sevent flower for hypertension, and you can get it on the web, so it may be legal to import.