I would like to start an indoor herb garden to have fresh herbs for cooking..?

Question by godsgirl2travel: I would like to start an indoor herb garden to have fresh herbs for cooking..?
What herbs can be grown indoors, will they last all year long, etc..

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Answer by pinkyismygirlfriendniluvhur
if you grow pot plants the cops are gonna bust you

careful with them plantings

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  1. Try mint, rosemary, bay leaf, savory, oregano, chervil, sand thyme and makes sure they get at least 5 hours of sunlight each day. If you would like to include Basil you’ll need about 8 hours.

    Good luck :)

  2. I have never grown indoors, but have on my patio in flower pots. I do know they need alot of sunshine, water regularly. So if you have a window that gets alot of sun during the day that would work. I wouldn’t let them get evening summer sun through a window, that could burn them. Herbs are delicate plants. Try outdoors and bring in your house in the fall. My oregano, parsley and chives are now showing life even in the flower pots from last year. My rosemary is not showing itself yet, but maybe soon. Basil is a plant I have to grow again every year, it does not survive our winters here in Memphis, TN.

  3. i love to herb garden – the best ones for indoors are basil (any kind) & chives( regular or garlic). they are easy to grow and will last a very long time – chives will last indefinately but basil you will have to probably replant after a year. if you have the room outdoors rosemary and oregano are wonderfull too and they will last as long as you want them too. there are sooo many wonderful herbs. just try them all.

  4. I grow herbs on my kitchen window sill. The ones I would recommend are oregano, basil, mint, rosemary, parsley, chives and thyme. The more you cut from and use them, the better they will grow for the most part. I do occasionally let the basil form flowers and produce seeds to replant. My window faces north so they don’t get the hottest or the most sun as a south facing window would allow but they do fine. I water daily or every other day depending on how dry the soil seems. If the plants appear to be drying out, water them. If they appear to be drooping but not dry and the soil is moist to touch, hold off on watering. Too much water can cause the roots to rot.
    Most of all, grow what you enjoy using and have fun!

  5. You can find herb growing kits at most stores with a large home and garden dept. Try Lowe’s or Walmart. I grow my basil and garlic outside. Basil needs a lot of sun, but if you buy a grow light I guess they’ll do ok indoors.