I want to start a container garden, I live in upstate NY (near Utica) when and what should i grow?

Question by bookluvr315: I want to start a container garden, I live in upstate NY (near Utica) when and what should i grow?
I was thinking like cherry or grape tomatos, pepers, lettuce, carrots, sunflowers, cukecumbers, summer/ winter squashes, and some herbs but what would grow best in this area? and when do I start the seeds?, and how big of containers do I need for each type of plant? thanks for any help.

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Answer by Kimberly C
I am originally from upstate New York. The ground is still frozen now and your temperatures are still cool. With any garden, in the ground or a container garden, you will want to make sure the air temperature is warm enough. May is a normal outdoor planting month in upstate New York. You can start your container garden inside and germinate some seeds. Your cherry and grape tomatoes, peppers, sunflowers can be started in the beginning of April as well as your herbs. Squash and cucumbers need room to sprawl out, so make sure you have big enough pots for them.

If you are going to germinate from seeds, I recommend a light weight potting soil with no bark. Add some vermiculite and humus to your soil. Mix hot water with the soil as this will help the roots get established.

Your main goal is not to put any container gardn outside until the threat of a frost is gone. I will link you to the spices and herb section of my website. There is an article on growing herbs from seeds. This may help you if you are interested in getting them started indoors. I will also link you to the site map, as this page has everything that is on the website. Browse through and see if there is any other information that can be helpful to you. Make sure you keep the containers watered. Container gardens need more moisture then ground gardens. Good luck to you on your container garden and have a great day!



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