I have primary Dysmenorrhea and nothing is seems to work?

Question by babe_gurl001: I have primary Dysmenorrhea and nothing is seems to work?
Dysmenorrhea in other words is difficult and severe periods. My doctor put me on naporxen and it didn’t help, I’ve tried chinese herbal remedies and that didn’t help either. The only other option is birth control but I would like to have a child within the next couple of years so I really dont want to do the birthcontrol. Does any body know anything else that can be done?

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Answer by MrsZ
You can get pregnant after you take the pill! Take it now to ease your periods and quit taking it when you want to get pregnant. I got pregnant 3 months after quitting the pill, my son is fine and I’m fine. No biggie. No need to be miserable when you can have easier period NOW and get pregnant LATER, too!!

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  1. Have you tried those heating pads that are like a sticker that you peel off and stick on the back of your underwear, heating your lower back? They feel amazing and help to reduce cramping for me and my mom. Plus, you’re not putting any chemicals into your body using this method.

  2. I have wonderful luck with taking some Deep Relief oil from Nature’s Sunshine Products, mixing about 15 drops to 30 drops of olive oil and rubbing it on the lower abdomen. It helps relax the spasms in the muscles that are causing the cramps.

  3. I would not suggest taking Birth Control pills because it can screw up your system even more. People says it helps…ya it helps while your on them but as soon a you get off depending how long you stay on BC for it can make your periods worse. I think it messes up your female reproductive system even more…as for the herbs that you took? what exactly were they that you took some herbs have blood thinners in them and you have to watch out for them, have you tried talking to a herbalist. remember some herbs take a while to kick in and start working wonders but they do work. I have been dealing with herbs for a long time that all i take. I have the exact opposite of you, I have ammenoreah and i havent had a period in over a year and when i do it is extemely light and brown, i take herbs for that and i can tell in differences