Hydroponic herbs in your kitchen Homemade system

My new, homemade hydroponic systems. I’m growing herbs, cucumbers and peppers in my kitchen. Feel free to comment or ask any questions. Thanks for watching.
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  1. Very nice systems and great-looking plants! It’s always a great pleasure to see videos like these showing simple hydroponics systems that give outstanding yields. Thanks for sharing this video to us. I would like to congratulate you for a job well done on your hydro garden. Your basil plants are simply awesome because they do not only look amazing but like you said, they smell great as well. :)

  2. Even so, that’s darn good growth. I started looking around at hydroponics a bit so I’m starting to learn. I’ve also been subscribed to Sleestaksrule for some time and have made his light fixture which works great. Think I’ll try something right after the holidays. Thanks again,

  3. I had mine going till Fall. That sweet basil is a monster and you’ll always have too much. I just planted a new crop in it of lemon basil and sage but under metal halide lights instead of a windowsill.  I just want to see crazy growth (fingers crossed).

  4. Hey thanks for adding my vid to your favorites. I did find you again and was going to give you props on my next update video. Great job on the lawyer kills on the phonebook by the way! Also thanks for subscribing I did the same.

  5. My video was a little deceiving. The seeds were started 10 days earlier in Jiffy pellets with 1/4 strength nutrient, lights, and heating element. Then have been in hydro for 10 days. So the plants are actually 20 days old but most of the growth came from the hydro system. The seedlings were very small when they went into the hydro. Sorry for the confusion.

  6. Hi Gary nice to hear from you. I watched my video back and the 10 days is deceiving. The herbs were in the hydro for 10 days but the seeds were started in jiffy pellets with 1/4 strength nutrient, lights, and heating pad 10 days prior. So the plants are 20 days old but the major growth has been in the hydro system. The seedlings were very small when put in hydro. I highly recommend trying it. The gentlemen named Sleestaksrule on you tube designed the system. check his videos.

  7. The lights I’m currently using are CFL 6500K 26W. Im looking for higher wattage in the 6500k but havent found them yet. I have found higher wattage 2700k that im going to use for flowering the peppers and cucumbers along with 6500k. The lights run for 16 hrs a day.

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  9. The secret to growing weed is patience

    I know this from personal experience, I have about an acre of weed growing in my backyard

    i havent mowed that shit in like months, so weed is gorwing out the ass like you would never beleive

    its like a fucking jungle

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  11. Ye man, but one male appeared yesterday. It can be hermafrodite but tomorroy he will be sacrified in the name of the cause.. Theyre in the 1st flowering week so…Theyre mostly sativa i guess cuse the plants are 1 meter tall. It smells absurdly sweet. Vary fruity. Hope dont see more balls in the other plants. Its my first test and i think the seeds from de weed i buy are soo easy to germinate. Lets see the results.

  12. You get rid of the males, and you keep a female in vegetative state as a “mother” and you take cuttings(clones) off the mother. clones will root/grow faster then starting from seed and as a bonus, you guarantee they are all female plants.