How will naturopathic medicine/ doctors be affected by the health reform bill?

Question by euphoric(k): How will naturopathic medicine/ doctors be affected by the health reform bill?
I really am interested in naturopathic medicine, but… I wonder how it will be with health care bill?? Like will it be covered for free, like traditional medicine?

thanks in advance.
Dave what they use in hospitals is controlled by drug companies.
And many alternative medicines HAVE scientific legitimacy.
If you do any research you’d know this to be true.

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Answer by Nitram
I hope not. If want medicine then that is what should be covered. Not the alternative to medicine.

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  1. The ObamaCare Bill is a death knell to homeopathic medicines. Any herbal remedies are going to be kicked up to being on par with other controlled substances. You would have to see a doctor and get a prescription for any herbal treatments, and since doctors do not get any kickbacks from prescribing herbal remedies, nor do they like them, it is highly unlikely that you will ever be able to readily get them any longer. Homeopathic doctors would likely be dropped from most insurance coverage. For them to survive in any appreciable numbers is also unlikely. That is why the Health Care(?) legislation must be repealed. It is anathema to us that believe that natural remedies are more healthy and effective than the dangerous poisons the drug companies produce.

  2. It’s likely that medicine will be judged as it is in the UK many other countries; if it doesn’t work then it’s not used in hospitals or prescribed by a doctor.

    While this will doubtless be a kick in the teeth for naturopaths, on the plus side it’ll provide health care for millions of Americans who at the moment can’t afford it.

  3. I can see this going either way:

    Obamacare artificially jacks up the price/cost/inefficiency of real health care, making the alternative(s to) medicine more attractive from an uninformed perspective.

    Obamacare’s long term effects on the economy (secondary, tertiary, etc.) result in a lower standard of living for all, accompanied by less disposable income. Thus, bored Midwestern housewives aren’t as financially equipped to indulge in cute little hobbies like homopathy, naturopathy, etc.

    If I had to make the call, I’d say it’ll result in a small/temporary boost to the industry, followed by a definitive down-tick, ending up with a steady state sinusoidal waveform similar to its current pattern- but *lower* on the charts.