how to start an indoor herb garden- which seeds?

Question by Amanda: how to start an indoor herb garden- which seeds?
I want to start growing herbs for cooking indoors and was wondering which ones are easy to grow. I’ve never successfully really grown anything before. Is Basil a good one? Chives? Suggestions?
How do I start- just buy some seeds, dirt and containers?

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Answer by Eric
You can start by seed if your on a budget but I would recommend to just buy some small established plants from your local nursery or market and plant it in a window box with drainage in a window facing the closest to the south if you’re in the northern hemisphere. I would recommend using a plastic container inside a wooden box or just a long plastic container. If you can have it outside, even better but just remember to keep in eye on watering and exposure to sun.
Oregano, basil, thyme, marjoram, tarragon seem to do really good. Rosemary seems to require really hot, dry conditions but they all definitely need as much sun as you can provide.
Most of these herbs can be planted in a potting mix soil. I would use some compost and mix it in or if you prefer a basic 10-10-10 fertilizer but only in the spring. A lot of the herbs will self seed but others may whither with time.

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