How to… Make the most of your small space garden – Window box gardening

Suttons ‘For Your Space’ vegetable seeds. In this gardening video Suttons Seeds shows you how to create a delicious vegetable window box which will not only …

The WindowFarm is a simple drip hydroponic system that can be used to grow herbs and vegetables. The system uses an aquarium air pump and hoses bought at a p…


  1. Hi, I just used regular latex paint that I had laying around in the basement. I think an oil based paint might melt the plastic but latex will not. At least it didn’t melt my plastic bottles.

  2. Yes. I’ve used mine for a couple of seasons now. Each time I might lose 5 to 10% of them that break apart but the large majority just need to be rinsed before reusing them. I just put them in a strainer and rinse them in the kitchen sink.

  3. The clay balls are simply a growing medium for the roots to live in. You need something to grow the plants in otherwise they’ll just fall over. :-) So you have to replace the soil you’d usually grow stuff in with something else. I believe there are other products you can buy that would do the same thing but my local hydro store sells clay balls so i went with them. They’re cheap and easy to work with. Does that answer your question?

  4. I finally put a new video up showing the system out of the water reservoir with some close up views of the parts. Hope it helps. Sorry I took so long, you probably have your system up and running by now.

  5. That is a good idea and I will try to put that together over the next week or so. It’s a good time since I just turned the system off so we could paint the room it’s in. You’ll be able to see more detail on my website as well. But I will contact you when I create a new video.

  6. I really want to try this. can you do a video showing how to assemble the pump, tubes and large bottle? I understand the basics but can’t see the big picture ( where all the tubes go…)
    Thank you


  7. Hi, I bought those 3 items at Sweetleaf Hydroponics on Isleville St in North End Halifax. I believe there are other hydroponic stores in HRM but that is the only one I’m familiar with.

    Have fun building your WindowFarm!

  8. I’m not really sure on that one. I know the pots themselves should be covered so the roots aren’t exposed to sunlight but i’ve never read anything on doing the same to the nutrient jugs. My jugs are out of the direct sunlight though. I know an agricultural chemist and i’ll ask him that the next time i see him.

    I live in Halifax. cheers

  9. Hey, would the nutrients of your mixture be better preserved if you blackened the jug or kept it in darkness…or is their a chemical benefit to having it exposed to sunlight?

    What part of NS are you from? Thank you.

  10. Hi, I used a double output pump because my brother gave me an old one so i figured I’d use it. That’s it, no technical reason at all, just what i had on hand. I’ve since replaced the double airpump with a single output model although it still feeds 2 airtubes going into the airlift tube. Eventually i’ll change that as well. My advice is to just use a single airpump because there is less to screw around with. Check out my website for close up pictures of the pumps.

  11. Hi. I used Flora Nova GROW 7-4-10 nutrient solution for the Basil. There is a picture of the bottle on my WindowFarm setup page on my website. I can’t seem to post the URL in this comment but it’s in the info section of the video.