How To Grow The Perfect Herb Garden

How To Grow The Perfect Herb Garden

Dave Shows you how to plant the perfect herb garden. Go to for over 200 more videos on gardening.


  1. Hi. Catnip. Got the seeds from the best retailer, high quality compost, vermiculite and an electric propogator – and still nothing – well a couple of sad little sad things that have now died. I’m thinking it might be that I am using the wrong sort of water on them – I have bought some ‘Evian’ (I kid you not) – I will see if that is to their liking – I have also up some containers outside to collect ‘rainwater’ for them. The seeds are more fussy than my cats :-)

  2. What sort of soil do you use for this. I cannot anything to grow from seeds but even if I buy the ready grown herb as soon as I transplant it into a bigger pot they just die. What am I doing wrong :’-(

  3. These will work perfect with The Bucket Garden! Ted Hallett, The Garden Master is taking the best of hydroponics gardening, organic gardening and has wrapped it up in a high bred container garden.

  4. omg i know! i have just started my garden this year, given most of my herbs started from seeds didnt make it ( the cilantro finaly died today, my dad knocked over my little basil sprouts, and my rosemary just never germinated) but my cat nip actualy survived and this chive plant i got is amazing! the chives are so sweet, their like those onions in green bean cassorole, i snag a taste every chance i get, and our cat goes bonkers over a single leaf from my catnip plant!

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