How to Grow Herbs Indoors

How to Grow Herbs Indoors

((IMPORTANT))You can also Join me over on Facebook I made a page for DianeMummVideos, all you have to do is LIKE my page, come by and say HI..this page will be for you also , you will get first grabs at my free giveaways.. so don’t miss out! If you have a facebook page please share with me .. ;) and I’ll do the same Growing herbs indoors works pretty well, and you always have fresh herbs to use for cooking. Herbs do well growing in containers and provide some good lighting , south window works well inside. Chives and Lavender were just a few examples today on herbs being planted indoors, but really many other herb will do fine too. I plan to grow from seed , basil, rosemary, thyme, and several more for the winter months. Nothing better than having your own fresh cooking herbs growing indoors to use at anytime you cook.


  1. Now that I moved from a house to an apartment with a balcony that looks over the ocean, planting herbs outside is pretty much impossible. My sage seems to adapt and like it outside, but I keep oregano, thyme, basil and mints indoors by sunny windows. They seem to like it and have survived the first year… all except basil which seems to grow rather quickly, get woody and that means it’s time to use the seeds and replant outside. :) I also grow my oregano by placing cuttings in water. Thanks!

  2. About a month ago I planted Lavender, Rosemary, Sage, Peppermint and Lemon balm in containers on my deck. They are just beautiful, I love them. I’m very new to growing herbs, or anything for that matter, and I’m unsure of when or how to pick/harvest any of them. Also, do I leave them outside when winter comes? The lemon balm is quite big & in a heavy container. Any advice/help you could give me would be so appreciated. Thanks so much! xxMeg

  3. My herbs look sad and gloomy =( not sure if its the water, the soil… or maybe lack of sun? Its my first time growing herbs, im growing Parsley, Coreander, Basil and Salvia. Some of the shoots got twisted and low to the soil from watering them, the weight of the water kind of bashed them down and they aren’t going back up. Humpf.

  4. you are too, I really appreciate you watching my videos and especially commenting, hope it helps! I hope your cuttings make it.. sometimes you never know the heating mat helps a lot.. so I know they’ll do fine.. :)

  5. Hello again Diane, you are such a sweet heart. I did much the same as you this fall, except I had a big pot of mixed herbs ( thyme, oregano, sage, cilantro, rosemary, soup celery) that I had planted up in the spring and then I just brought the whole thing inside for the winter. They did very well and now they are getting all sorts of fresh spring growth. So I have just taken a bunch of clippings of most of them, potted them up and have them on the heat mat. I think that should work.

  6. Thanks for your reply, i buy the plants from the supermarket and maybe i need to re-pot, i check they don’t get too dry and there is light coming through the bathroom but maybe not enough.I was going to plant some in the garden today but we have freezing cold weather this evening in the UK.

  7. I was wondering if one could treat potted herbs like a bonsai when in a large pot if roots get too much and space is running out, instead of looking for a ten inch from a six in or what ever largest size your growing in, take the herb out trim the roots by a third or a take of a quarter? mixing myself up here and then trim off the top and repot, would this work?

  8. with each try do you do anything different to keep them longer ? I find basil does not like to be moved about from spot to spot too much once they get use to a light source and are doing great keep them there and they will grow like weeds.also you’ll want to do what’s called succession planting as one lot dies back the next one starts up.

  9. , I have rosemary in my patio, cool area and I keep it on the dry side seems to be working the basil I have a pot , it is surviving , watch your water, make sure gets good lighting and yes try again… that is what I would do.. :)

  10. Oh wow..that was a quick reply. Thanks so much. So… I will give it a try. Also, this may sound kinda odd… but what about the rosemary fresh cuttings you buy from the store. Do you think they will take root? My neighborhood store sells packaged fresh rosemary.

  11. , you can only try in your area, I am in the midwest and will be starting some soon for my greenhouse.. I also have one growing in my back patio that I need to harvest very soon it was left over from last season.. they take a while to grow from seed just to let you know..