How often can ayurvedic herbal powders be used?

Question by leo: How often can ayurvedic herbal powders be used?
I want to begin to wash my hair with the ayurvedic powders, but I love to wash my hair often . I am also wondering how often can henna be used ?

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Answer by oldtimekid2
I think there may be a few points of misunderstanding here. First and foremost, Henna is not an herb that cleans the hair, it’s typically used to dye the hair because of the rich brown coloring. I wouldn’t use it very often for that very reason… it might start staining your scalp, hands, or other parts of your body if you use it too often and it wouldn’t clean your hair.
I would limit it to once every month or two for dying purposes (unless one didn’t take enough, then you could do it again to dye it deeper)… more than that would just be overkill.

I agree that you should wash your hair often… a few times a week or more (even daily) is pretty common for washing your hair and herbs that are marketed in shampoos are safe to use in the proper amounts. Good luck and I hope I helped!

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