how much time does it take for Unani medicines to show the results?

Question by Rahul: how much time does it take for Unani medicines to show the results?
I want to know how long minimum one should take unani medicines to see results. I am taking unani medicines since last 5 days but no improvement is observed.

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Answer by H
Talk to the doctor you get this medication from. They can tell you, treat and help you.

we are not medically trained and neither is the internet.

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  1. This is not evidence or science based medicine. It’s based on ancient superstition, for example that the body has four humors: blood, phlegm, yellow bile and black bile, and these must all be kept in balance – Unani medicines are used to help the body regain this balance. Unani also says there are 4 elements that make up everything in the universe: earth, water, air and fire, and the balance of these elements in the person makes up their constitution.

    Modern science has shown that none of this is true. So when the fundamentals of a treatment are false, it is very unlikely to be of any benefit. Furthermore, if practitioners of Unani are going to prescribe various herbs (crude drugs) when they have no proper understanding of the human body and therefore what effect these drugs can have, I think that its a dangerous and foolhardy approach to health care.

    Any perceived benefit from Unani is most likely the placebo effect. You should see a proper medical doctor.