How do I grow herbs and spices?

Question by Gaspard: How do I grow herbs and spices?
I like fresh herbs and spices for cooking but they’re expensive at the supermarket so I want to grow my own Basil, rosemary, thyme, etc.

Do I just need seeds and some dirt? Do I need special dirt? How long does it take to grow? How do I maintain it?

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Answer by Wardimus83(2)
Here is a video that will help you with herbs, just make the scale smaller if you must and keep them in the kitchen window if you want, just buy the ready poted herbs from any supermarket and plant them, they grow pretty well!

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  1. It all depends on the herbs and spices you want to grow. They need diffferent conditions.
    Rosemary, Thyme, Laurel don’t need very good soil and they like it a bit more dry. Best is to buy these as little bushes in a garden shop. Repot them if they are in too small pots, put them on your balcony or plant them in your garden. Since they derive from the Mediterranean region, during winter, cover the Rosemary and Laurel if the temperature drops below freezing. Same goes for Oregano, but this plant needs a bit more water than the other ones do.
    Basil is a bit tricky. You can grow it from seeds or buy a pot of basil at the store or garden shop. On one hand they like very sunny and hot spots, but on the other can’t do well without enough water. It will also need a sheltered place, Basil hates wind. Ordinary garden soil is okay, maybe fertilze now and then. Basil is an annual plant so you will have to grow it anew the next year.
    Chives and parsley are probably the easiest ones. You can also grow them from seeds, or buy a pot with already grown herbs. They will do with ordinary garden soil. If you choose seeds, then be patient with parsley. It needs quite some time to sprout. Cilantro you can grow from seeds you buy in the Asian shop.
    Savory likes more or less the same conditions as rosemary does, I’d say. Well, it grows so abundant in my garden I simply don’t care about any conditions and have to weed it in order not to let it grow all over the place. It’s annual, but as I said, you’ll end up having it everywhere!
    Same goes for salad burnet but this one overwinters.
    Balm or lemon balm also grows in ordinary soil and can overwinter. Easier if you start with the plant than with the seeds, I’d say. I never planted it in my garden and it grew, God knows from where the seeds came…
    Anything else you’d like to grow? Maybe you should consider buying a book about growing herbs and spices. There are lots more and once you get into it, you can hardly stop! :-D

  2. Herbs and spices are very easy plants to grow…They need normal soil. The most important thing is sunlight and frequent watering (in the summer, everyday). Herbs and spices cannot thrive in the shade. And that is basically it, lots of direct sunlight and plenty of water.

  3. since you want to use the herbs in the kitchen I’d suggest getting a small window-box kit

    usually where you get your seeds will also have these kits. from sowing the seed to harvest can take upwards of 3-4 months

    you could try getting small potted plants & place them in a container with a water dish underneath (less you ruin your windowsill) then place same in a sunny window

    note of caution windows can get quite cold in winter unless insulated

    I’ve made a mini-greenhouse with a clear plastic taped to the window above the plants

    be certain to vent same or the mini-climate will cook the herbs.