How can I will be cure permanently from urticaria?

Question by Mamun: How can I will be cure permanently from urticaria?
I have urticaria(allergy) for many days. when it comes I take allopathic medicine. when i take allopathic medicine medicine then urticaria disappear but after some days it comes again. then again i try those medicine but it can not make me cure permanently those medicine only suppress. How can I will be able to cure from those disease. Please help me.

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Answer by Nirbak
Urticaria can not complete cure by allopathic medicine. In that case they relieve only for a short time. For this kind of disease you may try alternative medicine especially homoeopathic medicine. Although homoeopathic medicine take a long time to cure disease but if the selection is right they can cure in short time. In homoeopathy ‘Urtica urens’ is a good medicine for urticaria. You can also try unani and ayurvedic medicine but I think homoeopathy is best for this kind of disease.

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