How can I protect my fresh herbs!?!?!?

Question by Chiky: How can I protect my fresh herbs!?!?!?
I have gnats hanging around window herb garden and they are driving me absolutely mad! It seems like every day there are 1 or 2 more hanging around. There are about 6 to 10 now! Are they doing damage to the plants? They can’t be good for the plants… can they? They sure are annoying the heck out of me! My mother suggested taking a spray bottle with soapy water and spraying the base of the plant and soil, as well as the leaves to keep the gnats away, but I’m reluctant to do that as I don’t want the soap killing the plants if I use too much. Any help or suggestions?

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Answer by texas_angel_wattitude
Listen to mom. A spray bottle with water and liquid dishsoap or water and vinegar solution works. But most ppl spray the entire plant will not affect the taste of your herbs because I’m going to assume you rinse them prior to use anyway

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  1. Are they gnats or aphids. Either way, the soapy water won’t hurt your plants. Just be sure to wash what you pick before eating etc. You can purchase the insecticidal soap spray from any gardening location or try 1 Tablespoon of dishsoap (I use Dawn) to 1 quart of water. Put into spray bottle and spray whole plant area. Also, you can use Sevin Dust to thwart bugs etc. Be sure to wash your plants before eating etc.