Here is a question for the avid indoor gardeners. How to make use of a used fish tank?

Question by gilmet: Here is a question for the avid indoor gardeners. How to make use of a used fish tank?
I have a 5 gallon fish tank that I would like to grow an indoor organic herb garden in.I planned to use organic soil in the aquarium. It has a lighted hood and considering I would need inside lighting, I hoped that it would be enough light to get the plants growing. Is this venture doable?

This is not a question about hydroponics.

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Answer by Black Knight
It would be too humid for most herbs they would just rot off!
If you want to grow herbs indoor a normal collection of pots would do!
Fish tank gardens like bottle gardens need plants that like high humidity!

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  1. You’d need a layer of small rock in the bottom as drainage, so any excess water was there. Herbs don’t like their “feet” wet. You’d have to keep them snipped back, which you should do with herbs anyway. The light may be enough, but a grow light in the hood would you give you more of the appropriate light spectrum. Herbs usually like a sunny window or place, so a standard aquarium light may not be enough. You’ll have fertilize regularly, and leave the hood open to let off any condensation.

    5 gallons is pretty small, but you should be able to do this. Honestly, you’ll have to play with it and see what works for you.

    Mints would work, I think. Basil is inclined to be bushy. Rosemary would be nice, but you’ll have to seriously prune, as it tends to become a tree… Thyme, oregano, chives….I’d pick a couple of your favorite herbs and see how it works for you.

  2. You can plant many things in your new Terrarium..
    However the list is kept short by the restraints of the limited size.
    But never the less, yes.. Drainage will be an issue so you need a layer of gravel or equivalent at the bottom then your growing medium. You will need to pay close attention when watering since too adding too much will just leave it sitting at the bottom creating a hot of problems. One of which is anaerobic bacteria. bad bad bad…

    Plant anything that will fit when it’s grown. Leave the top open around the light and humidity shouldn’t be an issue. Close it is you require more humidity like when growing rice.

    You could also place a styrofoam raft at the top and leave the water and fish alone in it . The water will supply the plants roots with food and water . the fish of course supply the food. It makes things easier when all you have to remember to do is feed the fish. They can feed the plants enough themselfs.

    As far as light goes you will have enough light to start them and they may grow well but the more light the better..