Herb Borage – 400 Seeds

Herb Borage – 400 Seeds

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  • Bushy plant with large bristly hairy leaves. Height 30-50cm. Useful for beekeepers. Used for flavouring cordials.
  • Sowing Time: February to April.Sowing Instructions: Sow seeds in February undercover directly into the final container or outdoors at the end of April in drills 6mm (¼in) deep, 30cm (12in). Propagate at approximately 15°C. Germination should occur after approximately one week.
  • 400 Seeds
  • PLEASE NOTE: All our seeds are supplied in hermetically sealed foil packets to maximise the longevity of the seeds with full sowing and growing instructions on the label.

List Price: £0.95

Price: £0.95

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