Help with IB Extended Essay in science?

Question by =): Help with IB Extended Essay in science?
I’d really like to do a biochem-ish EE in herbal medicine but I’m having a hard time thinking of a topic. My advisor said that I cannot have any humans ingest any medicine and animals won’t work because they have different symptoms. If anyone knows of a way I can pursue a topic in herbal medicine could you please let me know? I figure the medicine would have to be applied externally and treat something external? Keep in mind I’d have to have people already ill in most cases, and that might be hard to find.

Really a topic in phytotherapy in general would be nice.

Either that or have any of you heard of any supposed herbal treatments that are supposed to work really well? I can try looking into those….

Thanks for your help!

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Answer by Ken K
Being limited to external applications only, greatly limits the field. Then, cutting out medications is opinionated in that the assessor chooses what is considered a medication and what would qualify as simply a food or supplement to the diet. Ask if colloidal silver would be considered a medicine. As you must know, a colloid is a suspension of a solid in a liquid. In this case, it is pure silver suspended in pure distilled water. Silver has been used since ancient times, when warriors would wrap thin sheets of silver over a wound to prevent infection and speed healing. They would also put a silver coin in their mouth to prevent catching strange diseases from the enemy. (They probably didn’t know about bacteria and viral infections, they just knew this technique worked). Today, I use colloidal silver on many bacterial and viral infections, both internal and external. If taken at the very first sign of a cold, (sore throat or earache), the “cold” rhino-virus is destroyed even before other symptoms develop. The only side effect that I have encountered is that colloidal silver will also kill off the essential bacteria in the digestive tract, and as a result may cause diarrhea. It is best to advise the patient to eat active culture yogurt or take acidophiles tablets 12 hours after treatment. Silver is also very effective externally, put on a laceration or abrasion, or even as a deodorant (infinitely safer than products containing aluminum compounds). You can build a simple colloidal silver generator for under 5 $ US, or build an electronic one from scratch for about 25-30 $ US. Pure silver, .9999 or .99999 fine wire or strips can be purchaced through jewlery stores or coin dealers (DON’T USE SILVER COINS, as they contain nickle which is toxic)!

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