Harvesting Herbs Indoors for Cooking Use

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  1. you can harvest at anytime really this helps the plant greatly and helps it to fill in and give you more basil..young leaves on some plants are better just depends on what you are trimming .. everyone gardens differently and this did not hurt the plants at all it only helped them out.. once you trim you will promote new side shoots , if your basil has some nice leaves use some and then watch it grow..

  2. I have a question. I’m reeeealy new to gardening or what not. I wanted to harvest my basil (i’m not sure which kind it is), but everybody seems to cut from the tallest part of the plant. Isn’t that the youngest part of the plant and wouldn’t that be best left alone? Thanks in advance for kicking some knowledge.

  3. I have a couple of citrus trees that can go 10 years in the same pot no problem so I was being hopeful :) I have a south window which does incredibly well for whatever I put in front of it. I have a garden outside, so I prefer to keep only perennials or perpetual grows inside. I had some lavender for years, but of course, it never really flowered! I put it outside and it grew into a bush, so…who knows.

  4. , well I don’t recommend any really I mean to keep healthy and continuing growing , repot when necessary.. You can grow peppers indoors , must have some good lighting.. I am doing green onions and lettuce and kale does well too, but I have lights.. not sure of your setup..

  5. Are there any herbs that do not like to be potbound for too long? I’d like to keep them as edible houseplants really. I wish there were more fruits/veggies I could grow indoors year round, but it’s slim pickins.

  6. , I have noticed that too, and the difference from inside to outside.. I am just getting into herbs wish I had more time to work them.. but at least some is better than none.. thanks so much for stopping by,..

  7. , that sounds right, I mean I have hung some even in the greenhouse to dry this works too , but used large cuttings and hung with a string.. I think they would dry faster for sure pulling the leaves off, thanks a lot for stopping by!