Growing Herbs With The Easiest Indoor Herb Garden Ever

Growing Herbs With The Easiest Indoor Herb Garden Ever

In this video I show you how easy growing herbs can be with this indoor herb garden that doesn’t even need dirt.
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Final Update on indoor hydroponic kitchen herb garden.

This the final update. Everything is growing great and we have plenty of fresh herbs. I’ll continue to grow the herbs just no more updates on these. Thanks f…
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  6. It’s a small place yet they look so good. I totally agree about teaching the children I have a 3 year old grand daughter and i’m teaching her about the plants and how to garden. Her favorite is the mints. She loves the smell and she likes eating them. Really enjoyed your videos

  7. That is really not true!! I have a huge 400w light and that really did not bump up my power bill much at all. Maybe $15 a month.. I cant imagine the setup her has would even come close to that!

  8. Hey, first off I just want to say I love your videos. Secondly I have been wanting to have a fresh herb garden for a while and I’ve finally got around to building on but now my only question is, what nutrients would you recommend for a herb setup? I looked online and there are so many out there I don’t know where to begin. Thanks for any help you can give.

  9. Hey, this is great stuff. How can I reach you by email?
    Have you done any tomatoes yet. I have been told that you cannot do good tomatoes hydroponically.

    I am just doing my first hydroponics with buckets on tomatoes.

  10. The actually build of the system I seen on a video here on You tube. Search username Sleestaksrule and look up his windowsill herb garden. Now as for the nute changes and water I just researched. The light was built similar to alot of cfl grow lights on you tube. Hope this helps.

  11. My lights are on a timer. They are on for 16 hours a day and off for 8 hours. Its important that a timer is used because the light cycle should be the same every day for the plants. Hope this helps.

  12. Congratulations! Your herb garden is producing tons of healthy and fresh herbs! Your garden looks really amazing. I think you should really trim down some of those herbs reaching the lights before they start to get burned. Are those CFLs that you’re using? And you are right; the only problem with this setup is the distance of the lights from the plants but everything else is great.