Growing Herbs Indoors in Winter for Flavorful Salads – Weekend Wellness

If you are finding the winter too long, like I do, and you are craving some fresh greens, just find a pot or container and grow your own fresh herbs. All you…
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  1. I would really like to move somewhere warmer but with 1 income and DH likes his job, I think I may be staying here a while…I was just using my glue along with some standard flour/water paste for paper mache and gluing items to an art journal cover I’m making :) Have fun with the puppet making! Can’t wait to see them. Thanks for the link back. OH…I tried sprouting organic einkorn wheat for my 1 old rooster (pet) I have left and strangely enough he never took to sprouts. :s

  2. WOW! I had a look at your climate and saw there were some incredible fluctuations. One year we actually had -20 here and the sea froze up the coast at Cherbourg – this is unusual. My Mother in Scotland grows salad & herbs all along every window sill (150 organic plants in pots!), I’m doing more inside this year too, plus overwintering as much as poss. I’m just about to make your glue recipe for decorating my papier-mâché puppets for our pallet puppet theatre, will link it back. All the Best, Sue

  3. Our greenhouse soil is frozen solid now. We are having -21c this week, so it’s pretty much impossible. Those greens are possible in our greenhouse in about late April. Our last frost date is June 20th! eeek. I envy those who can grow year round. We use bottle cloches until about July teehee. :)

  4. We just ate a salad from our own garden for lunch and you’re so right there is nothing to compare with it, even from the local organic shop but I’m just wondering how low your temperatures get there because I am growing in an unheated greenhouse. We grow veg that will stand low temperatures, mizuna, mibuna, swiss chard, beets, cabbage, letttuce and Russian Kale. I keep the plants small, by harvesting leaves, so when the temperatures get really low I can cloche them with 5l water bottles.

  5. First time ever, I have started my Arugula seeds inside today. I hope it will grow well as I love the taste of Arugula. Also I started my Egyptian Spinach indoors today.
    I would look forward to see your vermacompost project for sure.

  6. Ah sorry for the confusion…I bought the organic worm castings to make my own potting mix. I have considered vermacompost for winter but haven’t had a chance to do it yet :) Yea! Glad to hear you are starting some Arugla too…It’s very fast and easy to grow :)

  7. I was referring to organic compost made by worms. You did mention you made your own compost by using worm castings. So I was assuming you got a wormery and if possible wanted you to share that with us.

  8. Thanks. The Arugula seedlings are up already. The photo in the thumbnail of this video is 1 day after I planted the seeds. I just love arugula!! … Wormery? Do you mean the sprouts? Those are mungbean and Einkorn sprouts. I can share how I do this no problem :)

  9. Even in the snow your raised beds and trellis looking awesome.
    I was thinking to grow Arugula inside and this video surely persuaded me enough to start my trays tomorrow.
    So you got wormery , will you share that with us also?