Growing herbs indoors – Greek Mini Basil

This video talks a little bit about growing herbs indoors.
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  1. Very cool. I might try cutting off a branch from one of my tomatoes to try and grow it indoors this winter. I’ve never had good luck growing things in containers…. I keep trying though :D

  2. I”ve got garlic, Thyme, Rosemary and Parsley by the window (on the Ground level) and Corn, Radishes and Tomatoes growning in my boxes… First year of development (excluding lawn care and pruning my Japanese Maple / Spruce) for my green thumb – thanks for the video J.t.

  3. I love starting stuff indoors,, but I tend to miss watering them. The outdoor stuff I bring in tends to suffer right about now and then once it goes back out it flourishes. I think I might need to do some feeding again now.