Growing Herbs : How to Grow Ginger

Growing Herbs : How to Grow Ginger

In order to grow ginger, make sure the environment is never lower than 40 degrees, and try to grow it in the hottest and sunniest spot available. Grow ginger, a plant with beautiful red, yellow and orange flowers, withtips from an experienced gardener in this free video on gardening and growing herbs. Expert: Yolanda Vanveen Contact: Bio: Yolanda Vanveen is sustainable gardener who lives in Kalama, Wash. Filmmaker: Daron Stetner
Video Rating: 4 / 5 Growing from seed , lemon basil, black beauty dahlia, bleeding hearts, and lupine all indoors. Planting from seed continues as I look forward to my Spring season in the greenhouse.


  1. I haven’t found anything that just directly told me how long it takes for a ginger plant to mature to the point that it is ready for harvesting. I do not know how ginger works nor do I understand any of the terminology of it, such as “rhizome”. Also, how is ginger grown?

  2. Hey ginger you went to the trouble of being outside in a garden why don’t SHOW us how to plant it a demo wouldn’t kill you! You better get back indoors you might sprout roots on your ginger hair..

  3. Are all types of ginger edible? I have a ginger plant with a root structure much like the edible ones seen in stores, but I don’t know what type of ginger my plant is. Is there a Website that can help me identify what type of ginger I have and/or what types are edible?

  4. Dear Mr. Centigrade-Thanks for the nice message. If my family would have stayed in Holland I would have used that system but they moved to America so we assimilated and use a different system. Thanks for noticing! Thanks for watching my videos!

  5. You use the word “through it” a lot . “Through it” outside..”through it” inside…”through it ” in the garden.. Perhaps a better explanation of what “through it” means will help understand planting tips.

  6. You my love are nuttier than a bag of nuts! no one in thier right mind is going to foot the bill of heating thier house to over 40 oC and after that who the Hell would want to????? my place is roasting when it hits 24 oC and guess what my ginger is growing fine, where did you come from a volcano planet?? oh no that’s right you come from a backward place where they don’t yet teach how to read a thermometer correctly, Fahrenheit is dead!! welcome back to reality long live the Centigrade!!!

  7. The first time I was introduced to the beverage was when I dined at a Yemenite family. They served me coffee with ginger powder. Today I use ginger in my black coffee and tea. If you’re not used to the taste, you may be pleasantly surprised! You may however need to get used to the taste, at first. But when you do, it makes your beverage much more interesting and helps you to break away from the monotony! I also enjoy actually chewing on the root for extra flavor.

  8. your videos are very well done however you didnt give any detail on which way to plant the ginger.The small nodules should be pointing up.Some brief history on the plants would be interesting also.Kind Regards Squabex.

  9. many of the hard shelled seeds especially in the morning glory family should be soaked .. some seeds need a cold treatment as if they are outside in the winter then when spring comes they germinate outside , we are just mimicing this.. when in doubt google it.. you can find all answers usually or get a book that is has something to do with growing from seed..:)

  10. thax very much for the video,yhanx for your hard work.since I am a beginner in planting and dont know anything about growing plants and stuff so I was wondering how do you know which seed to freeze in the freezer and which ones to soak over night.I would really appreciate and need your reply:)

  11. I’ve just started growing herbs and spices and fruits and vegetables. For the first time in my life I’m actually growing some kind of plant and watching it’s development. They are like pets to me. I care for them just the same.

    You’ve made me realize I need seeds from fruit etc. instead of discarding but buying them, and to collect and grow them in a big box (indoors) So thank you.

    It’s a process. But It saves alot of money on groceries. When you know how to harvest every year, month or week.

  12. , I just use plain water for my seedlings thru this sprayer but it can be used for multiple sprays.. I got this siphon pump sprayer at our local kmart, walmart store, or any hardware should carry .. Probably a seasonal product in some areas.. it is very handy to water my seedlings and getting started from seed.. thanks for subscribing..:)

  13. I grew up in Nova Scotia, Canada. lupins (aka lupines) are native to that area and it is actually illegal to purposely plant them there. they are a widespread wild flower in NS. they are also poisonous to humans (and grazing cattle can produce poisonous milk if they eat the lupins). lupins totally cover the fields and the ditches along the highways in NS. they were my favourite flower growing up. ~Amanda