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Cilantro is an herb used in making salsa, dips, enchiladas, and other Mexican food dishes. Learn how to grow cilantro in your own herb garden in this freevideo. Expert: Stan DeFreitas Contact: Bio: Stan DeFreitas, also known as “Mr. Green Thumb”, has experience as an urban horticulturist working for the Pinellas County Extension Service and has taught horticulture at the St. Petersburg College. Filmmaker: Christopher Rokosz

Eryngium foetidum

causes confusion with Coriandrum sativum (also in Apiaceae), the leaves of which are known as cilantro, and which culantro is said to taste like
Ghigo Corner – CILANTRO

Many people find cilantro distinctly unpleasant. Their dislike is not simply a matter of opinion, it is biological, as some people’s taste buds process the oils in cilantro as harsh…

Corn fritters with cilantro pesto

If you are like me, when it comes to appetizers you have a few “go to” standards that you love to prepare and guests love to expect. Occasionally, however, I like to throw a “change up.” Here’s an interesting finger food and dipping sauce with a

bitter. This is especially true in much of Europe is


  1. It’s how Americans pronounce “herb”. As you go from place to place people pronounce things different. For example, French words are pronounced differently between Quebec, Martinique, Sierra Leone, and France. Maybe you should get out more?

  2. There are 3 steps to make an expertvillage video. 1 – Place nursery grown plant in front of middle aged man. 2 - Have middle aged man read directions directly off label of plant. 3 – Upload video to youtube.