Growing Herbs For Beginners-Module 2- Planting Tiny Seeds

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  1. Hello! well…I bought Chamomile seeds yesterday and well…i did not do what you did…and actually I put the seeds and then put a little dirt on them..and then saw your video and thought maybe I have ruined the seeds by putting them under the dirt and so I put a little more on top of the dirt and well do you think I have ruined it all?? : ( it was my first time! LOVE your videos!!!!

  2. Thanks Rhonda,i’m in Australia,a punnet is the plastic container we purchase seedlings in, i use them to raise seeds with seed raising mix.I have broccoli in from nursery seedlings about 5or6 weeks ago, so my timing is fairly right there.I’ve recently discovered Fibonacci in nature & the “Romanesco” broccoli shows that so beautifully.I was able to purchase a pack of seeds so i’m keen to grow some before it gets too hot.If i don’t make it, there’s next year.anyway take care

  3. Thanks Jeff!
    We grow broccoli and cauliflower but it seems to do best here in the fall. If I set it out in the garden too early it wants to bolt and set seed, but if I set it out later in the summer it starts to produce heads when the weather cools off.
    I’m not sure about where you are, but I hope you get some from your seedlings, it’s great! I have to ask…what’s a ‘punnet’?

  4. Wow, very helpful, the string & the toilet paper, very effective, the toilet paper would stop the seeds being washed away from where you want them.Maybe you can help me. I tried raising some spiral broccoli in my little plastic seed nursery. They grew really long. I placed the punnet outside with more light. The new seedlings may be ok. I’m not sure how broccoli will go directly in the garden, i guess there’s no harm trying. anyway take care, cheers for now