Grow Seeds Indoors | Seed Germination | Jiffy Peat Pellets

How to grow seeds indoors with Jiffy Professional Greenhouse and seedling heating mat from Part 1 focuses on planting the…
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  1. The instruction says pop the lid when they start to sprout. When all seed sprout remove dome and place in sunny location. After first true leaves appear, cut back all except strongest seedling in each pellet. To harden off plants, place outside in shade for several days (bring plants in at night) Gradually expose to full sunlight. Transplant away :)

  2. Thanks Dan for the video. I just bought 3 of the Jiffy Professional Greenhouse that grows 72 plants for $6.98 each at Home Depot and the seed warmer mat for $20. I can’t wait to try it. This was a great video.

  3. I threw away the instructions. How long after they sprout do I take off the lid? It’s been 4 days and and a quarter of them have already sprouted. It’s almost touching the roof of greenhouse. When should I take off the lid, and then when should I plant them?

  4. Hi Dan good video. I use the Jiffy 7’s pellets for my tomatoes and chillies. they are great. I don’t use the greenhouse though as I have a heated room i put them in. its 85 degrees in there. Why not take a look at them on my channel… I have subbed you, look forward to more great videos.


  5. It is simply called a Seed Sower. You can find on at your local greenhouse. They work great for planting seeds one by one. Especially when the seeds are very small.

  6. Hi WhyClover, No need to rip off the outside fabric that holds the peat and the seedling. The roots will grow right through the fabric (designed this way). Good luck! Dan

  7. After I am ready to transfer the seeds i germinate in these jiffy pellets into a biger pot do i rip off the cotton f of the seed pellet?

  8. I love the way we “save” money on plants and then go out and spend three times as much money on stuff to grow our own plants. But, we do it every time and love it!

  9. my kids love planting TickleMe Plant seeds in jiffy pots. The love how this plant moves like an animal when they tickle it

  10. suprisingly it took me less than a week for my peppers to start. I’ve heard peppers take a long time but min just boomed!

  11. I got mine on amazon for 14 bucks. The whole tray full of peet pellets. I don’t know the price in stores but this seemed pretty reasonable to me


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