Face & Scalp Massage – Aromatherapy Techniques

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  1. If you are creating your own blend then you can include oils such as eucalyptus and peppermint for their decongestant properties. Citrus oils are also effective for lymphatic cleansing. You’ll know to do your consultation and ensure that the oils you choose work well with each other too :)

  2. That’s a shame, we have to keep the model’s hair loose as part of the massage can include working through the hair and scalp. Hope it didn’t annoy you enough to miss the point of the tutorial :)

  3. You don’t have to pay me to use me as a massage tutorial for your video, I WILL volunteer for you for free :) OMG…I want ME on that bed while she’s doing that massage for ME…looks sooo realxing! It’s like my stress is all gone! Thanks a lot!