Every time I use an Ayurvedic soap irritation occurs, is this normal?

Question by citybusterman: Every time I use an Ayurvedic soap irritation occurs, is this normal?
I’ve never had any kind of skin allergy but every time I use an Ayurvedic soap there’s always a certain part of my skin that stings. Is this normal? Cos I wonder if ayurvedic medicine’s like homeopathy you know, that sometimes your symptoms get worse but it’s part of the healing process.

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Answer by Gary Y
Firstly, homeopathy is plain water or sugar pills – it has no active ingredients. Secondly, ayurvedic consists of all sorts of strange herbal drugs, and many ayurvedic products contain heavy metals and other toxic contaminants. I wouldn’t touch the stuff with a 10 foot pole.

See: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ayurveda#Safety

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  1. Firstly homeopathic treatments are water, nothing more nothing less. Water is not going to have any effect at all on your symptoms unless you have a hangover and are dehydrated.

    Now, who knows what’s in ayurvedic treatments? So many are contaminated with heavy metals such as lead, mercury (deliberately contaminated I hasten to add) and goodness knows what else is in there. Stop using this stuff. If you are ill or have a skin condition go and see a real, medically qualified doctor.

  2. Hello citybust,
    I also used ayurvedic products before but they did not help at all and were useless. Instead of using soap which has strong ingredients I would go for something that is for sensitive skins. That way you can’t go wrong. I normally use a brand called Dermalogica which has a great product called daily microfoliant. This product actually cleans your face out so well that pores minimize and even spots disappear. Daily microfoliant are simply granules which you mix with water and make into a watery paste. Rub gently in circular movements on skin and then wash off face. After this you need to put a toner and then apply the moisturiser for hydration. It is gentle and safe. Hope this helps. I would ditch the ayurvedic products as they are not reliable especially if you have an allergy to them. Hope this helps and good luck!

  3. First thing is there is absolutely no metals in any ayurvedic soap preparation. NUTS on this
    forum are ignorant and uneducated so they comment without having personally used them.
    No ayurvedic does not work like homeopathy where your symptoms get worse.
    Homeopathy is totally different medium of healing which is beyond the reach of ignorant
    and uneducated people to even understand, forget about passing comments. Remember all have expiry dates. It is quite possible that your soap
    has expired and perhaps that is why you are experiencing this problem. You should always
    check the expiry date on the box of the soap. Best thing would be to buy one more soap of
    that same brand and see if you experience same symptoms and then one can say that soap
    is not agreeable to your skin care. Please remember always ayurveda and homeopathy is the
    best care of treatments rather than the stupid dangerous allopathy drugs. Of course exception
    to the rule is always there. Good luck and God bless. Cheers! :o)