Essential oils: What is a website with a list of which ones work best for what?

Question by Jen: Essential oils: What is a website with a list of which ones work best for what?
I looking for a website with information on herbs…..aromatherapy…..essential oils.
I’m wanting to lean which ones work best for symptoms of sickness and such.

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Answer by mustanglady
I wish I could help you as I am searching also!!!!!

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  1. Your best bet are a couple of real reference books. I use the encyclopedia of aromatherapy in my massage therapy practice which I got on amazon, I think. Its not in front of me and I forget the author, but there are a lot of good books on the subject ~ just do a search. herbal medicine is different, and there are some good reference books on that as well. Herbal prescriptions for better health is one which cmoes to mind. I find that websites often are focused on selling their products, but there are some out there with just info, Im sure. I like having the books, that means that I can re-familiarize in my office when I need pointers. There are also some aromatherapy certification training courses which will help you with the fundamentals of aromatherapy.

  2. hi! I have been studying essential oils and Aromatherapy for 4 yrs
    I use the Complete book of essential oils & Aromatherapy by
    Valerie Ann Worwood, as my guide to treat the problem that is causing the sickness. The treatments work be sure you read
    all info essential oils are dangeras allways test on inner arm before you use it..This is not to replace your docter. be sure to
    have a visit with him if you ever get sick. A homapathic is best.

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