Does anyone here think that homeopathy and ayurvedic medicine work better than traditional medicnie?

Question by bals: Does anyone here think that homeopathy and ayurvedic medicine work better than traditional medicnie?
i’ve found that when it comes to general healthcare and well-being, ayurvedic medicine and homepathy have worked much better thna advice from doctors/pharmacists whose drugs always tend to have some sort of side-effect/risks….

anyone else noticed this?

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Answer by meeting_india
Every field has its own advantages and disadvantages. Certain health care issues requie allopathic drugs, whereas some homeopathic and others ayurvedic. Depends upon the type of ailment. I have found all three suitable in different cases.

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  1. The theory behind homeopathy is nothing short of bizarre. Nevertheless I once took a homeopathic remedy for the flu and it worked like a charm.
    The Ayurvedic system came about by the revelations of seers, who would talk to plants to find out what kind of uses they had. However Ayurvedic remedies, like some Chinese medicines, contain feces, either cow or human. Nevertheless when I was in India I had no choice but to go to an Ayurvedic practitioner for treatment of ringworm. He gave me a bottle of black liquid and told me how to use it. He waived the fee until I was satisfied. It worked very well and I was very happy to pay him.
    Western medicine is very strong in emergency surgeries. It copes less well with illnesses that have a strong psychic component.

  2. Sure, lots of people do…Alt med is a multi-billion dollar industry. Fortunately, science doesn’t just depend on people “noticing” things. It may start from that…but then those observations have to be subjected to objective study.

    Lots of people also used to believe that the Sun orbited a flat Earth as well. Just because a lot of people believe something doesn’t make it true. A lot of people believe in the God of Christianity, a lot of other people believe in the Allah of Islam….they both can’t be right. Science doesn’t work by a majority vote, but by the balance of the evidence.
    The plural of “anecdote” is not data.

    What has been discovered, especially in the last decade when various AM practices have finally been subjected to proper testing (large, randomized, double blind controlled trials) is that the better quality the investigation, the worse AM does.

    There is not a single good quality trial that has shown any AM treatment is superior to conventional medicine. All of them perform at roughly the equivalent of placebos, so it is posited that any benefits they may have are from activating the placebo response.

    You should use the term conventional or science based medicine. Traditional medicine actually refers to things practiced by indigenous people. Allopathic medicine is considered a pejorative term by real doctors. It was coined by Sam Hahneman the inventor of Homeopathy to distinguish what he did, from what conventional doctors of his time (the 18th century) were doing.

  3. The pharmasudical companies finally have this county wrapped around their big ol’ finger. They have gotten people to forget the home remedies (that actually work) and switch to doing to a doctor for any little thing and he’ll write you a prescription for this that and the other and you’ll get hooked and feed big pharma forever!

    Just to put it most simple, one of the most natural things that happens (giving birth) has been turned into a medical situation. Womens bodies are designed for giving birth an doctors are telling women their baby is just too big and her body wasn’t made to give birth…BULL! So they put you in for a c-section because they have a dinner party to attend to that night.

    But when they do matter is when there is life and death situations like car accidents and severed limbs etc…that’s when they count for the good!

  4. To Skip dancy You are only 180 degrees off. The main stream drug companies are Billions of dollars industry. Yes there are snake oil people unfortunately but there are quacks and gold digging MDs and pill pushers as well. They kill far more people than natural (God”s) medicine.
    Eat right and take Proper supplements and you will be generally healthy. MD pill pushers don’t like that because the will be out of a job. You ever see any one actually healed by an MD ???

  5. Well…

    Your question could not have come at a better time!

    In 1991 I had met with an accident that had left me paralyzed in the right arm. C1-C7 of the spinal cord was affected! I had lost the ability to grip a pen or lift a loaf of bread even!

    2008. Present time : I am using both my hands to type right now!!

    Credit goes to homeopathy for my recovery. All top-notch (!) neuro surgeons had – very professionally – washed their hands off my case.

    However, it was my friend’s faith in homeopathy, and his taking up of my case as a challenge that not only did I recover from paralysis but I also qualified the demanding entrance tests and rigorous medicals to join military training to become an officer.

    I have firm faith in homeopathy. Though science based medicine or allopathy is really needed alt. med. cannot be discarded. Ample proofs support my contention.

    As a result of my recovery due to homeopathy I became quite interested in the discipline. I am neither a doctor nor someone with a science / biology background nor qualified to suggest medicine / treatment to any one. However, as a result of my ‘hobby’ & extensive reading and deep study of homeopathy I have treated cases ( within my friend circle / relatives) of stones and hypertension to full recovery – through homeopathy (!) – something beyond conventional allopathy!

    Can allopathy cure arthritis, hypertension, diabetes and High Lipid levels. No!! Only temporary relief is possible. That too is not without side effects! Statins (drugs to lower cholesterol) have resulted in heart problems in some people!

    Through homeopathy I am presently treating (1) an 8 yr old girl who has stones in her gall-bladder, (2) a 49 yr. old man suffering from ‘disc prolapse’ and arthritis, (3) a 51 yr old man suffering from diabetes, (4) a 54 yr old man suffering from hypertension. I am not charging any money from them. Each case is a challenge for me.

    Hom. & ayurveda are useful only as long as they are right in hands! Through homeopathy paralysis, arthritis, etc., can be ‘created’ in healthy individuals! Nobody becomes a successful homeopath merely by perusing materia medica alone! Numerous other factors contribute to a positive outcome. Scope of losing a case is immense otherwise! Each case is unique in homeopathy. In allopathy paracetamol will be prescribed to virtually everyone suffering from fever. In hom., however, every case will usually be treated in a holistic manner, paying special attn. to certain key elements.

    At present, I am working on the cure for ‘poly-cystic ovary’, ‘fallopian tube blockage’ (inability to conceive) and iron deficiency due to heavy menses.