Do herbs grow better outdoors or indoors during the Southern Alaskan summer?

Question by Rebecca? Do herbs grow better outdoors or indoors during the Southern Alaskan summer?
I just bought a bunch of herbs, and I can’t decide whether to plant them outside or inside. I live in Southern Alaska, so I’m not sure whether they would thrive outdoors or indoors. It could be warm enough to grow them outdoors (it got almost to 70 degrees last week!), but it gets rather chilly sometimes, especially when the wind blows.

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Answer by sciencegravy
Depends on the herb. Basil is very very cold sensitive, and doesn’t like anything much below 50 degrees. Most other are fine with chilly nights.

And unless you can provide a sunny window, outdoors would be better for them in terms of sunlight.

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  1. Which area? I lived in Anchorage for awhile and grew some herbs there.
    If you are in Juneau it may be quite different than my Anchorage experience.
    What herbs are you growing? Annual herbs should be fine. Perennial herbs may or may not survive the winter. Either should be find for the summer.
    Thyme did fine for me there. Lavender had some difficulty.

  2. It really depends on the area and the herb. If you have a Co-Operative Extension office where you live ask them, they always have the best local information.
    If you don’t have one local you can contact someone from the statewide site:

    Also with herbs many grow very well in pots, and then you can move them as the weather changes.


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