Complementary and Alternative Medicine: Ayurvedic Medicine

Nearly half the US populations turns to complementary, alternative and integrative practices to maintain or improve their health. UCSF’s Dr. Sudha Prathikant…

Dr. Davis gives an introduction to Ayurvedic Medicine to a group of Medical Students in Feb. of 2006.
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  1. Quite the contrary. Modern medicine is a plague and causes far more problems then it claims to fix. Big pharma milks consumers and takes their money in exchange for their health. Ancient Indian medicines obliterate Western pharmacology in terms of effectiveness and healthiness.

  2. Amazing information on health,body and mind. Very informative and educational on Asian herbal medicines and health treatment. Keep up the great work and looking forward to your future uploads on this subject matter. Love it! THANKS!

  3. @ilinaeternity You have to be in utter delusion to not recognize how much modern medicine has helped us. We live far longer and mortality from many diseases and accidents is way down. Antibiotics has saved countless. Your voodoo has saved no one.

  4. Scientific studies are finally being conducted, unfortunately many are unbearably biased. Another thing, antibiotics kill (and this isn’t death by misuse, it’s death that was bound to happen due to side effects) hundreds of thousands every year, so don’t be gloating about modern meds too much. They fucking suck, in essence. My mother is an ayurvedic doctor, I know very much whether it works or not. Her patients have cried in front of her often times, so incredibly grateful that ayurveda works.

  5. Dude, DUDE, hinduism is completely different from organized religions. It is based on a few principals, but the traditions that go along with hinduism can vary deeply, because it’s a really open “religion”. Mostly, it’s just a philosophy, a collection of stories and principals, etc. A skeptical “religion”, a thinking “religion”. /watch?v=Ugyrzr5Ds8o Carl Sagan discusses hindu cosmology.

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  7. This is an excellent presentation. We have the concept of totality of symptoms in homeopathy. There is some equivalence in the fine balance of three doshas in each individual as envisaged by ayurveda and the totality of symptoms as envisaged by homeopathy. Swami Ramdev has done a great service to humanity by simplifying breathing techniques and taking them to common people. The set of pranayams suggested by Swami Ramdev are fairly good. Though here the lady talks about individualizing pranayam.

  8. That’s like Christians saying Christianity isn’t a religion, it’s a relationship. That’s bullshit. Hinduism has deities such as Vishnu and Shiva, and has a whole mess of supernatural beliefs.

  9. Exactly, it’s 5000 years old. We knew far less about biology 5000 years ago, so saying it is old doesn’t give it more credibility. We need to put “wooo” aside and accept evidence based medicine, not medicine based on tradition.

  10. True – I got really interested in Ayurveda after watching a movie about it and some clips on youtube. However, when I got a book on Ayurveda – I got slightly overwhelmed. I felt it was difficult, and put the book aside. Just couldn’t use it as I wanted to. Now, after wathcing this beautiful and intelligent women, I got it. I started reading the book, and I’m making ayurveda apart of my life!

  11. Ayurveda is more than 5000 years old ancient knowledge of life..Ayur Veda means Science of life!How can something soo ancient be complementary to anything?U mean to say english medicine is the main thing?i say anything that came after Ayurveda is complementary medicine….Ayurveda combined with Yoga & Pranayama is The WAY for healthy living!