Cheap grow light for herbs in my kitchen?

Question by HappyThoughts: Cheap grow light for herbs in my kitchen?
I’d like to grow some herbs in my kitchen, but there’s little sunlight. I have space to hang grow light, about 18 inches long and maybe 10 inches wide. I don’t want to spend a lot of money, in case I have a black thumb.

Any ideas where I could get one? Thanks so much!

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Answer by flattrack75081
Don’t waste your time.

Wait until spring and plant them outside.

Growing herbs inside is a lot like growing bonsai trees inside a house.
The results are terrible.
Your black thumb will win.

Now go drink a beer and relax.

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  1. Wal mart has a 2 foot grow light for 9.99..this includes the fixture, the full spectrum bulb and all…I had one but I gave it away to a friend and it does well for herbs…I now have 4 foot 4 bulb set up becuase i start seed for my garden year round as well as have my herbs indoor right now being winter..and I start cuttings under them..this will do fine for a small area like yours..the 2 foot ones..Heres a couple pictures of my set ups..[email protected]/3056292924/[email protected]/3055456355/[email protected]/3055454757/[email protected]/2996340366/[email protected]/2995501001/