CFL Grow Light Reviews for Indoor Hydroponics and Indoor Gardening

In This video I show the various CFL Grow Lights that I have used the past few years and compare. They are all from local stores such as Menards and Home Dep… Week 2 of Indoor Gardening Month in February. Checking on your AeroGarden and seeing how your herbs and vegetables are doing in your Aer…


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  2. I USE 10 100W CFL in actual 23w at a lumen of about 16k each bulb. The are easier to mount and provide more LUMENS as bulbs are added. The lumen to watt ratio is what is important not weather or not is is small or big! lol Small or big applies to if big or small is better if possible. When a smaller bulb has greater lumens per watt, you can not say the larger bulb is better because it is brighter. I would rather have 10 more efficient bulbs any day. The most efficient CFL is the 100watt eq.

  3. also be sure to get a soft soil, potting or topsoil seem to work with me, start with 24 hour on light cycles or 18hrs on 6-8hrs off until you get plant to half the size you want before flower cycle, before you start flower cycle, set up place were your plants can get 12hrs of COMPLETE darkness like a closet with bottom blocked off to reduce light, and use a *warm* color to promote flowering, then wait and watch and you should be on your way

  4. in the seed stage, the best way I found to do it is leave it in a cup of room temp water over night to see which ones float and which ones don’t (also helps soften the shell for root growth), next day, get the floaters and put them in a paper towel and wet it, then remove excess water, and put on plate and put in dark place for a day or two and you should see the root poking out. then plant them root down just barely enough to cover the seed and spray water over them. then add light for 24hr/cy